. Using Neal's Yard Remedies .

Signature Relax Massage

This indulgent and pampering body treatment includes a relaxing scalp and face massage that is guaranteed to melt away all of the tension throughout the body. This massage also combines various massage techniques including acupressure, reflexology and Indian head massage with the beautiful Neal's Yard Remedies Essential Oils - a 100% Natural blend of soothing and balancing essential oils, to ensure that you leave feeling deeply relaxed and smelling divine.
90min £65

Holistic Massage

With pressure tailored to your request, this classic Swedish massage - combined with a beautiful blend of essential oils - is designed to address tension, mood and mental fatigue, resulting in a feeling of well-being and total relaxation.

60min £50

Signature Wellbeing Massage

This wellbeing massage is a multi-sensory experience that focuses on the back, neck, face and scalp. At the core of this special massage is the Tsuboki massage – a Japanese facial massage purposely designed to work the entire body from the inside out.
60min £50

Reflexology Foot Massage

An ancient Eastern therapy. This reviving experience treats the whole body when applying pressure to reflex points on the soles of your feet.

40min £40

De-Stress Back & Neck Massage

An eradicator of tiresome days. Areas concentrated are your back, shoulders and neck, which uphold a lot of tight stressed and tensed muscles.

40min £40

Bach Flower Remedy Custom Blend

Emotions are reactions to your thoughts, not to the world. The Bach Flower Remedies have the ability to affect our emotions positively. They have unique healing qualities that treat the emotional highs and lows of everyday life – from anxiety and fear, to boredom and grief. They can support you to adjust to a new job, ease stress and help with your day-to-day irritabilities. When you feel in control of your emotions, life becomes so much easier. With no side-effects, flower remedies are very safe to use.

60 min £50 (incl. personalised treatment bottle)

Renewed treatment bottle £15

Rahanni Celestial Healing 

Rahanni is an energy healing modality intended to touch the hearts of everyone searching for that missing piece in their life. The practice of Rahanni can offer energy, happiness and clarity, but the number one feeling my Rahanni clients usually emerge with is an immense sense of inner peace and calmness in their mind. 

​This loving energy helps to heal very deeply at heart level. Imagine... surrendering, letting go and detaching yourself from fear and negative thinking by connecting and balancing your heart centre. Rahanni will open your heart to love, truth and compassion and will allow you to see with so much more clarity what is right for you at this present moment.​

During a Rahanni treatment, you remain fully clothed and lie on a couch. Rahanni involves the healing energy to pass through my hands and into your body. My hands are gently placed non-intrusively, on or near your body. The treatment is gentle, calming and relaxing. My Rahanni clients usually drift in an out of a peaceful, almost meditative state. ​

I know that energy healing can be seen as something difficult to understand, but you don't need to understand how Rahanni works to feel its benefits. I am only asking you to be open to receiving the loving healing energy to your traumatised mind and body. ​

Rahanni is known to be at this time the highest level of healing on this earth and I feel blessed to be able to share this special energy with all of you.​

45min £50 - includes breathwork exercise at the beginning of the session to enhance healing and relaxation

£30 as an add-on to your facial or massage treatment

"Dear Melanie, my massage and facial were pure bliss. It was wonderful and so relaxing. Thank you so much." Karen B.

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